And Another Thing …

Following on from my recent complaint about an all-time low on the Oracle Forums, does anyone else get the impression that the work there is not just answering questions, but seems increasingly to be correcting all of the incorrect answers?

Obviously I have an example in mind.

Or has it always been thus?

Applying Predicates and Partition Pruning to MERGE Target Tables

Just a quick pointer to an answer on the Oracle Forum:

If you are merging into a data warehouse fact table (not so likely) or a large aggregation of a fact table (more likely) then you can improve efficiency by adding a transitive predicate into the USING clause to promote partition pruning on the target table.

Unless you are using Partition Change Tracking I think it is very unlikely that the MERGE inherent to a materialized view refresh is going to partition prune on the target table.

So, Farewell Then Dizwell

I’m sorry to hear that Howard Rogers has decided to shut down his Dizwell Informatics website, citing the workload of managing it and the number of people raising issues with articles when they plainly were not following the directions. Personally I used nearly all of Howard’s install articles and found every one of them to be of the highest quality. They saved me a lot of time and trouble over the past year or so.

I’m just guessing, but I expect that starting a new job and the need to move back into the Big City doesn’t help with the workload either, and I can certainly sympathise with that — I have a backlog of six or seven technical articles floating around in draft form at the moment but with an impending move, search for “new opportunities”, and three kids to find schools and daycares for I haven’t much hope of getting to grips with them at the moment.

Anyhoo, I hope that Howard will continue to make a public contribution through other sites, and maybe consider sending those handy articles on to a new online home.