And Another Thing …

Following on from my recent complaint about an all-time low on the Oracle Forums, does anyone else get the impression that the work there is not just answering questions, but seems increasingly to be correcting all of the incorrect answers?

Obviously I have an example in mind.

Or has it always been thus?

3 thoughts on “And Another Thing …

  1. Hi.

    There is also the issue of dealing with answers that are correct in one context, but not necessarily all contexts. Sometimes, not even in the context the original poster asked. By that I mean, the person gave the correct answer for the question they *thought* the OP asked, not what they actually asked. :)

    I do believe the standard of the people asking the questions has dropped drastically over the years. The barrier to entry with Oracle is now so low that almost anyone can work as a DBA (not a good one though). I guess it follows on that more “less qualified” people will start to answer questions. :)



  2. Hi David,

    It’s true that a lot of incorrect answers are given. I’m not sure it is increasing though. When people offer too much incorrect advice, they’ll be told sooner or later, and they’ll be more careful, is my impression.

    But that’s why I like Stack Overflow much more than OTN on this point. You just upvote the correct answers and downvote the incorrect ones. So much easier than writing yet another post to a thread full of a combination of correct and incorrect answers.


  3. I agree with Tim.

    But I think the quality of the top end has increased too. It’s just lost in the noise if you don’t drill down to it.

    It’s always been thus. I think every myth that’s had to be debunked has been on that forum, and in earlier days there was less debunking and more rule-of-thumbing. Things were simpler then in many ways, yet actually performing the basics was more complicated.

    Rob is mostly right, but some people never get it, and others take a very long time before they go away.

    I’m with naysayers on the vote issue – the quality of the voting is too big of an issue, and it obscures the conversational aspect of the forum. I had a dim memory of a bad answer percolating up there, so I googled oracle undo for Didn’t see right off what I thought I remembered, but I did notice David correcting three of the first four answers I looked at…

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