A New Low

A new low on the Oracle Technet forums: a person with DBA access who can’t work out how to increase tablespace size. Hopefully not a production system.


16 thoughts on “A New Low

  1. Worrying but sadly, not wholly surprising in this age of ‘Please provide me with the script now’ mentality.

    Nearly as bad as not providing a hyperlink to the article. I actually had to use copy and paste. Good job I knew how to do that otherwise I would have been really stuck :-)

  2. Ah… but the original poster said he got the error loading a partition of his DWH and asked what to do… then people told him how to extend the tablespace; could the answer have been load less data?

  3. I
    1. am absolutely not surprised. So many people are assigned a job they can’t to do.
    2. Look at such threads with caution, thinking “what if I’ll be dealing with such people – such case isn’t impossible at all”. Not that I really care. They just make me almost cry.

  4. Until someone in management realizes that “cheap” is a synonym for “ineffective” or “ignorant” or “incompetent”, we’ll have this situation.
    Unfortunately, the above synonyms also apply to most managers nowadays…

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