Serious Space Savings

I knew this would happen before I even tried it.

I Request: “The SYSAUX tablespace is 500MB and it’s nearly full. The contents are mostly the default 30 days worth of DBMS_Scheduler logs. Can you increase it to 2GB?

A DBA Responds: “I’ve increased it to one GB for now“.

An entire gigabyte of disk space saved. Well done.

Now why didn’t I ask for 4GB?


9 thoughts on “Serious Space Savings

  1. Hey, finally something I’m qualified to comment on. . .even when the DBA is someone I write the dreaded annual performance appraisal on. And they’re my disks. Spinning on my servers. Running my app.

    I’m having the same fight with the email administrator. “Hey, can I just write you the check for the dollar (that’s what we call our money over here) that an additional GB of disk space probably costs? I even have two IDs and a little extra blood if you want it.”

      • I bet you’re labouring in my favourite colour now aren’t you posh toff? Hope your servers don’t go pear shaped as a result of the extra 500MB you were granted.

      • Google’s English-to-English translation of the above didn’t help much. I’m still waiting for them to include American. Shouldn’t be difficult, just go through the OED and chop off everything with more than three syllables or anything with a silent Q.

  2. Haha, it is the same if a developer says to his manager: this stuff will take 10 days. The manager will say, for sure: I need it in 8 days. Doesn’t matter whatever it takes, or even if the manager has 20 days to delivery the stuff.

    It is all about showing who has the “power”.


  3. More important than the GB of space saved is he turned a simple task into double the number of change tickets completed. That metric is an oft used yardstick for ticket takers.

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