Big News … round here, anyway

So it turns out that the proposed merger between XM Satellite Radio (my employer) and Sirius Satellite Radio was just approved by the Department of Justice. Just the FCC to go now.

Interesting times ahead … and a bunch of stuff I was working on is probably going to get cancelled, with a bit of luck. On the other hand, a different bunch of really complex stuff is certainly going to go ahead. You win some, you lose some.

Oh well, at least it’s good to have an idea where you’re going.


4 thoughts on “Big News … round here, anyway

  1. So you’ve got two unprofitable companies claiming that their merger into a satellite monopoly will lower prices somehow, and the FCC saying it’s not a monopoly because consumers might have ipods or broadband internet or cellphones.

    Well, at least mergers make for interesting times in IS departments.

  2. It has all been very contentious for sure. Incidentally, lowering prices has not been a rationale for the merger.

    There’s a pretty balanced write-up on the history of it at Wikipedia:

    Personally I have always found the terrestrial broadcasters’ output to be un-listenable. Apparantly I’m not in one of their target demographics of something so if you took the all the FM radios away from my cars and house it could be years before I noticed. Take away the “BBC World Service” from my daily commute and “XM Kids” from driving round on the weekend, and all the other XM channels I dip into as my hypershort attention span dictates, and that could be a serious mental health problem.

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