More Commuting Notes

What an extraordinarily interesting day, and what an interesting place XM is to work at … not that I did much real work today. A lot of paperwork and meeting people and reading documentation, but by the end of the day I was starting to lose my feeling of being a complete waste of space, and seeing where I can make a contribution. Perhaps by arranging a two-week inspection of one of the offshore development teams … in Brazil, perhaps :)

Now, anyone who has ever had to persuade their boss to let them put a pair of headphones on at work would be interested, though maybe not surprised, to hear that at XM is seems to be practically sacriligeous not to be wearing them. Everyone’s desk seems to sport some high-tech satellite radio — rather a long trip for the signal to take considering that the programs are broadcast just 100 yards away and uplinked from a couple of generously proportioned dishes on the roof. I’ll have to take in my own Nexus 25 tomorrow – not as flash as some but I’ll compensate with Grado SR80‘s to restore my already weak credibility. I get the feeling that I might not be cool enough to work at XM :(

And as for the commuting … I caught the 6pm shuttle and stepped in the door at home at 7:08pm … not too shabby, I thought. This whole working-for-a-living thing might not be too bad after all.


2 thoughts on “More Commuting Notes

  1. Workin’ for the man ehhh!!!! Oh how the high and mighty have sold out!!! Just kidding. : ) Sounds like a cool job, except for the commute. I am trading my 40 minute commute to a 2.1 mile 10 minute commute. No bridges, tunnels no highways!

    Does this mean that there is now a XM discount for reading your blog???? : )

  2. You simply must get some Shure e3c earbuds. The clarity and sound isolation are amazing. I was sitting 2.5′ from a heated debate over some application design arcana and missed the whole thing. Thanks to Shure… AND Guster!

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