My Last Day of Freedom/Boredom

After a little hiatus from work of a few weeks that saw me through the process of moving and getting the kids settled in new schols etc. I am now enjoying my last day of freedom as an unemployed person by sitting on my deck in the unseasonable sunshine of northern Virginia, watching the cat watch the squirrels, who are also watching the cat. Lunch with SWMBO was enabled by a death-defying motorcycle ride into the vehicular heart of darkness Inside The Beltway – no fatalities were incurred, although my pulse quickened a few times. Note to self: the locals appear to be immune to the effects of high-visibility outerwear on motorcyclists.

Tomorrow I start a new position as a “Senior Manager for Business Intelligence Development”. I just know I’m going to have trouble fitting that into a space on a form at some point in the future. “Sen Mgr Bus Int Devlp”? “Sn Mgr BI Dev”? “SnMgrBID”? “SMBID”?

This abbreviation dilemma is courtesy of XM Satellite Radio — if the name seems familiar to non-North American readers then you might have seen it mentioned here. If the name is unfamiliar to North American readers then leave details of your demographic and I’ll have a word with the marketing department — expect a phone call. Also, have a look here for some behind the scenes insight.

XM is an interesting and fairly new company which you can read something of here. Long story short, they (I suppose from tomorrow I’ll be saying “we”) use geostationary satellites to beam over 100 radio channels across the North American continent. Very high-tech stuff. I’ve been a subscriber for a while and it saved my sanity during the 1,600 mile journey from Colorado, I don’t mind saying. That is when I didn’t have the kids in the car watching movies — at those points I was generally beyond saving.

So tomorrow I get my first experience of a big city commute since I lived in London and travelled daily to the Strand. The DC Metro seems to be a rather better experience than the London Underground though – a $250 fine for eating or drinking on it ought to be enough to keep the litter/fire-in-tunnel problem to a manageable level. I’m at the end of the Orange line, living in Fairfax, so at least the trains will be empty when they arrive, and I’ll be able to catch up on a ten-year backlog of reading.

As for the job, it sounds rather high-falutin’ but in fact has a strong hands-on technical element — I’ll not be forgetting how to logon the database or anything, and XM is a 100% Oracle environment database-wise, I’m glad to say. So the blog will continue without interuption, though possibly with a scope expanded to include self-indulgent whining about travel.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Got to go get a haircut to make myself look semi-repectable for the first day :D


3 thoughts on “My Last Day of Freedom/Boredom

  1. Yeah… I’m missing my 40 minutes x 2 train reading time. You realize that only after a while looking at reading pile growing constantly.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Believe me, the London commute is only getting worse. More expensive, more crowded and more delays.

  3. Cheers Alex

    Graham, I used to have a pretty easy time of it, taking the train to Liverpool St and the Central Line from there, but as I recall shortly after I emigrated a motor fell off the bottom of a Central Line train and they took the whole lot out of service for a few months. Brilliant!

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