The Way Things Used To Be

Some of the answers to this question at Joel on Software may be a handy reminder of the way things used to be in Oracle, back in the days of tuning by BCHR and suchlike.

The horror …


6 thoughts on “The Way Things Used To Be

  1. >> Before you go deep into optimization, maybe you could do some basic checks:
    >> * how much users you have on system (can you add another CPU or buy faster one )
    >> * how much data you have (if your database buffers become to small, can you upgrade memory)

    Oh my god! Can you believe someone is actually suggesting upgrading hardware before tuning a query!

  2. Looking at the username “moronica” of the one who posted the comment aboout CPU and memory, I wonder if it was a serious answer

  3. I like the one that simply says:

    I’d call my DBA.

    Most sensible!

    Then again, I’ve seen a LOT worse than some of the replies there…

  4. That link doesn’t seem to work for me.

    Just yesterday my system suddenly started running slower enough for users to notice. I think the huge import I was doing to the test db on the production box might have had something to do with it :-) I needed some data to demonstrate what the new users were doing differently than the old users, causing customers to get free stuff :-O

    There was a time my standard response would be “you tell the VP running the unrestrained DSS queries on the OLTP not to do that.”

    I think moronica was both serious and representative of what is out there. No one said anything about checking for users until moronica and Daryl…

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