Good/Bad Airlines Out of Dulles?

American? United? Is there such a thing as a “good airline” out of and into Dulles at all?


7 thoughts on “Good/Bad Airlines Out of Dulles?

  1. Not sure about Dulles but I flew United 3 weeks ago and they managed to put my suitcase on a different plane to me. Needless to say I won’t be flying with them again.

  2. Never Ever fly with Delta Airlines:

    It took me 5 hours from Washington (Dulles) to New York (JFK)… and my partner (with the hotel reservations and addresses) was sent to La Guardia. So I reached JFK with no clue about why she was not there and how to get to the hotel…



  3. Southwest has started some flights. They (in my opinion) are one of the least hassle carriers.

  4. My daughter lives in Alexandria. AT Christmas she told me “I will only fly out of Dulles if I am told I have to, and then I’ll ask them exactly why I have to”. She hates Dulles. I only flew out of there a couple of times, it did nothing to make me like it.

  5. Basically the best thing to do is to fly to BWI if your final destination is in DC and not Northern Virginia. Southwest and USAirways used to be the two best out of BWI, but since 9/11, they all pretty much suck.

    I had an ok experience with TED last year out of IAD (Dulles), but that was on vacation to Puerto Rico, so perhaps the mood was already set for a happy set of flights. Honestly, your best bet is United to/from IAD because it’s usually cheapest or has more convenient flight times.

    Whatever you do, do NOT fly into the old terminal at DCA (Reagan National). It’s either Terminal 1 or Terminal A. I forget which it is, but that’s where Northwest and ATA are and it’s old and has very little in the way of concessions, etc if you are waiting for a flight. It’s a pain to get transport from that location unless you are getting a pre-arranged pick up. The other terminals are better because they are modern, with more amenities and the metro is right in front of you when you exit the airport.

    Good luck!

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