It’s quiet out there … too quiet …

Two weeks since AskTom was updated, three weeks since Tom Kyte’s blog had an entry … I think this time he really has moved to Microsoft.


14 thoughts on “It’s quiet out there … too quiet …

  1. LOL…..I was thinking the same exact thing. Hope Tom has not been kidnapped, sitting in some basement, with Microsoft Engineers prodding him for all of his RDBMS knowlege. Surely he would not willingly move over to the dark side……..would he?

  2. Give the guy a break! :-) Seven years of AskTom and almost two straight years of daily blog entries. Surely he’s earned a much-needed hiatus by now without incurring speculation.


    If he says “He’ll be back”. He will.

    Everyone deserves some downtime …

  3. Heh, yes of course. Now if Jonathan Lewis would also take a break from his furious rate of bloggery … I barely have time to digest one post before another appears.

  4. IMHO, Melanie got it. If he needs a break, let him have it for as long as he wants!

    The guy has been working his guts out for everyone in the community and quite frankly, it’s been a great thing: enough already with the corporate java crud coming out of Oracle, more people like him looking after the basics of infrastructure are needed.

    Yeah, it’s almost a full time job keeping up with Jonathan’s blog! I find myself struggling to catch up, between him and Kevin.

    But it’s all good: the Oracle dba community needed a bit of a shake-up, as Longballs said a while ago. Come to think of it, he hasn’t blogged much either: must be all those NY celebrations, gotta give him a kickstart!

    Melanie: shake him awake, will you?

    Almost forgot: good luck for the next task, Dave. I’ll be following up on a new job as well. More news soon.

  5. I was wondering the same thing. Although Tom did make a comment on HJR’s blog last week or the week before, so there are signs of life.

  6. Just 2 minutes ago, I was rechecking to make sure I had his subscription correct in goodle reader. OK, so it’s not me.

  7. I was asking my self, do Tom has a family life? if so how could he manage to answers all those questions on in addition to his work?

    So, he need a rest and we need to organise our selves without him


  8. @Mohamed:
    yes, exactly. Folks out there seem to expect him to be available on tap either at asktom or in the blog.
    What they forget is that the guy is human, has a life and a family and is entitled to spend time with them.
    The fact he spends so much time online answering questions is something we all don’t give enough thanks for: having a family myself and knowing how much time they take, I can fully appreciate Tom’s work. It’s darn hard to do, believe me.

  9. It’s not really any wonder that every now and then someone suspects that there’s multiple Toms answering questions — I’ve seen that a couple of times I’m sure.

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