Under the Wire

I just slipped my white paper for the 2007 Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Training Days in yesterday, which was coincidentally the deadline for getting them included on the CD that attendees will be receiving. Lovely.

The title is Linux 2.6 I/O Schedulers For Oracle Data Warehousing, so it will be an esoteric little 30 minutes of talk about head movement, elevators, and a cheap (free) way to get 60% better read performance. Certainly not mainstream stuff but anyone looking for an economical test and/or development platform would be doing well to consider Linux nowadays even if you do insist on some monstrous HPUX RISC +SAN architecture for your production machine. When your sub-$10,000 machine outperforms your “real” hardware at disk bandwidth then you have something of interest to talk about over the water cooler at least.

Looking through the list of presenters there are a fair few that I know/bumped into at Hotsos 2006 or have corresponded with since — discretion and amnesia prevent me from recalling to whom I owe drinks, but if you say I do then I’ll probably believe you.

Unfortunately socialising will be curtailed by the 70 mile drive home every evening down I25. In the event of yet another flippin’ snow storm, and they do seem to be popular this year, I’d better make sure I have a bag packed all the same.


8 thoughts on “Under the Wire

  1. will the paper be available to non-members of that user group? I’m in Houston, which would make my drive longer than yours :-)


  2. I think it will be, yes. In any case unless there’s some reason why I’m not allowed to I’ll be making the WP, and maybe the associated slides if they add value, available through the blog anyway.

    Good job Bill, and yes it does mean that you forgot something.

  3. Heh, technically what we have here has been one to five inches of solid ice on the minor roads for the past couple of weeks. A bit of honest here-today-gone-tomorrow snow would be luxury!

    It looks like we’re set for another weekend of stir-crazy kids too — forecasted high temperatures of 10F/-12C, lows of 2F/-17C. I’m thinking that I’ll be barbecueing my defiance to the gods one evening.

  4. David, please make that available on the blog at some future stage: very interested in it. Not too long ago I had to undertake similar tweaking of the elevators and would love to compare with your findings.
    Better yet: any chance of you sending me an email when it becomes available? I might be offline from the blogsphere for a while in the near future.

  5. Well you might say that it’s a silver bullet for a very particular type of disk access on a very particular platform. I don’t think that really counts — it’s more of a silver needle.

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