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Quick question: Do you think it presumptious/irritating/unprofessional to title one’s resume “Oracle Data Warehousing Guru” on job boards? Or is it instead an example of eye-catching marketing?



9 thoughts on “Resume Stuff

  1. I’d go with gnu – altogether a nicer beast.

    The problem with selling yourself as a guru is that someone, somewhere will take exception and bring awkward questions just to poke fun…
    But then if I were a guru I would not think that at all

  2. Are you expecting us to bow and go “All Mighty One…” :P It’s eye catching but would you be setting the potential employers with higher expectations? I would suggest “Specialist”.

  3. Depends. Are you a ‘World Leading Guru’ with 28 books to your name? Or just someone that tries teaching stuff to people who might be interested?

    If ‘guru’ is ever mentioned in the same context as ‘book’, ‘horse’, ‘world-leading’ or ‘rebuild’, you’re not and it’s embarrasing. If it accompanies words such as ‘allegedly’, ‘apparently’, ‘try’, ‘perhaps’ and ‘aspire’, I’ll let you have it.

    To avoid confusion, I suggest “competent Oracle practitioner”.

  4. If you must to use a loaded word, go with Expert or Master over Guru. I think the word “Professional” is best suited though. “(Bearded) Oracle Data Warehousing Professional.”

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