Another Silly Website

With a move to Virginia expected in the new year I attempted to register for an account at the Air Force Crossroads website, which has a lot of handy base information on it and forums, questions for the asking of.

Issue 1: I can’t register my preferred email address, apparantly because the domain has a hyphen in it, and the website says that:

The email[sic] can not[sic] contain the following special characters or spaces.


Keen observers will note that the hyphen is not listed, though the hash mark is listed twice.

Issue 2: I registered with a less contraversial email address, and noted that although my desired ppassword was masked with the usual asterisks when I entered it and had to be entered twice for confirmation of spelling, it was repeated back to me in clear text on the next page for my confirmation.

Issue 3: I went through the “lost password” mechanism, just for fun … of course they emailed me my userid and original password. I had to supply them with my name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and an email address to send the information to — bets that you can enter a different email address there than the one you registered with, anyone?

Coded by 20 year-olds, I expect.

An email to website support was dispatched, of course.


4 thoughts on “Another Silly Website

  1. I would be leery of entering my SSN even if it is encrypted given your experience with the registration process and even without those “issues” I would still be leery.

    So, it’s confirmed that the family will be moving for sure?

  2. These gov’t websites keep wanting to check your eligibility with a full SSN — you’d think that the last four would suffice.

    Yes, looks 99.9% sure that we’ll be heading east at the end of Feb.. Arlington, Alexandria, DC, that sort of area. World’s smallest “hooray” for that.

    Yahoo have a hanfy address guard feature that lets you set up multiple accounts based on where you are using it. It’s found a few spam hounds in its time.

  3. my pet peeve on all these “expert designed” web forms is the sequence of field input. I lost count of the forms out there where if you hit “tab”, you end up NOT in the next logical input field. Instead you’re thrown somewhere else on the page, where some idiot has left a “hidden” data entry field!

    Unreal how ignorant some people can be…

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