SQL Developer 1.1

What, you ask, could provoke a calm and sober citizen to leap into a 1.1 version of “essential” software when they have a perfectly functional 1.0 version already working?

Well, nothing in particular but the sense of adventure. The  autotrace functionality is nice, and the upgrade did solve a problem I suddenly had whereby 1.0 would hang when executing a particular query that returned an almost instant resultset in SQL*Plus. The huge list of new features is here  — the import features look promising as they were something I occasionally ached for in 1.0, and the single record view is very handy also.


7 thoughts on “SQL Developer 1.1

  1. Would be awfully nice if you could export the autotrace/plan to text or something, rather than having to re-do it in sqlplus.

    I’ve asked as much on the OTN SQL Developer forums, here’s to hoping.

  2. They’re a pretty responsive lot over at SQL Developer headquarters it seems (especially for a free product). By the time it gets to v2 i bet they have a bunch more stuff like that sorted out.


    Hi David.

    I didn`t seem to get to contact you -neither your hotmail address, nor the other one from which you mailed me. Never mind.

    It happens that I’m in NYC now and I was only asking you for advices, tips & hints about the ‘american way of life’. Some of them I had to learn ‘the hard way’ for a ‘dumb european tourist’ ;)

    So it is the second time in one year that we are in the same continent. :))



  4. Hey Carlos … I replied on the original email but I guess it’s circulating in the aether. I might need a new email client or summit.

    I’m afraid I’m not much good on the East Coast stuff — my American experience so far has been mid-west and mountain, and I don’t think that the experience translates very well. My wife speaks highly of the Holocaust Museum in Washington although that may not be everyone’s idea of a good vacation time. Sorry I can’t be of more help but maybe other readers have some useful tips.

  5. I’d thoroughly recommend Philadelphia (Liberty Hall and Bell, obviously, but also just walking through the town center).

    The Delaware Water Gap was lovely.

    Practically anything at all in Washington is a must-see, but touching a piece of the moon at the Air and Space museum (part of the Smithsonian, I believe) was fun. Visiting (and walking through) the Roosevelt Memorial. Taking a trip on the metro. Doing a ‘hunt the president’ at the Arlington National Cemetery (I got three, I seem to remember). The National Cathedral is breathtaking (and contains Woodrow Wilson, so that’s four).

  6. Thanks Howard.

    Washington is left behind (I stayed there from sunday to tuesday) and I saw some of the things you pointed me to. (BTW why all of this war memorabilia and sort of power demonstration?)

    Now I’m in NYC and all I can say is that it’s impressive, very impressive. You’ve got to love it (or leave it) and I love it.

    The domestic flights are a mess: two flights, two delayed. It took me five hours from Washinton to New York.

    Tomorrow, back to good old Europe, and back to work :((



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