Oracle Linux: More Criticism

They don’t report that the application menu is empty mind you.

For what it’s worth I run Oracle 9i and 10g on CentOS for testing and develpment work, and it’s free, stable, and generally pretty nice to work with. Howard Rogers has excellent install instructons here.


One thought on “Oracle Linux: More Criticism

  1. Wow that was a very opioniated article. I actually found the Oracle Enterprise Linux to work very well. Yet I come from a Redhat Enterprise background. I found the installation of the Database, Application Server, Edge Server, and even E-Business Suite to be very simple using Oracle’s latest OS venture. I liked the fact I was able to basically install one patch provided by Oracle to get the proper package versions rather than hunting them down manually. As far as stability is concerned, well my vmWare servers running the Oracle Enterprise Linux have been running for about 3 weeks now with no intervention. Coming from the Redhat and Oracle side, I feel this is a positive move for those of us using the OS to run Oracle products. I also feel Oracle can gain some control over how updates will affect their products installation and stability in the future.

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