Weather Update …

Pretty snowy around here. We just had a one hour power outage, which was exciting. Got the old camping stove out for a cup of tea.

It’s sure piling up out there. Photos taken a couple of hours ago.


8 thoughts on “Weather Update …

  1. Are you in CO? I’m in Wisconsin and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything like that. But if it’s bitter bitter cold that you fancy …

  2. It’s a bit unusual, this much snow this early. Late March is really the time for it. Still, it’s hung round long enough to keep the kids busy on the weekend — they should sleep well this afternoon :D

    Anyway, I don’t mind it as long as you have the “infrastructure” to support a bit of snow — decent plowing of the roads, an “airlock” on the house to keep the cold air and wet boots out. The only downside is that Ihave to set up a litter tray for the cat once the snow gets higher than his nose.

  3. Speak for yourself Patty C. I’m in Alberta, and we got a big dump of snow this past week-end. In fact, we got the first few flakes last month (melted within days though).

  4. What I love about the houses picture are that they are about 2 feet from each other – just enough that both houses cannot benefit immensely by sharing a wall for heating/cooling purposes – but not enough to do anything useful with! Brilliant design!

  5. Oh, they’re more than two feet — between 8 and 12 I reckon. It must be some kind of snow/perspective thing — the sort of stuff that makes people walk in circles in blizzards.

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