Great, Just Great.

A Blizzard Warning remains in effect from 3 am to 6 PM MDT

This warning is in effect for the Interstate 25
corridor… including El Paso… Pueblo… Huerfano and eastern
Fremont counties.

Rain and snow will spread across the region tonight… with snow
levels dropping to around 6000 feet around midnight… and dropping
to around 5000 feet by early Thursday morning. North to northeast
winds of 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph will develop early
Thursday morning… resulting in blizzard conditions. The worst
conditions are expected across the Palmer Divide and northern and
western portions of Colorado Springs… and south of the city of
Pueblo. Snow amounts will range from 6 to 12 inches over the
higher elevations. Up to 6 inches of snow is expected at
elevations below 6000 feet.

Life threatening winter weather conditions are expected.
Sustained wind speeds or frequent gusts over 35 mph and
visibility reduced to below 1/4 mile by falling and blowing snow
are expected.

Avoid traveling in the warning area. If you are planning to
travel in the warning area during the time of the warning…
listen to the latest weather forecast and consider traveling at
another time or by another Route. If you must travel in the
warning area during the time of the warning… take along a winter
survival kit. If you become stranded in a rural area… stay with
your vehicle until help arrives. In similar conditions during
past blizzards… people have died of exposure while trying to
walk to shelter. To keep warm in your vehicle… run your engine
10 minutes each hour… and make sure the exhaust pipe is clear of
snow to avoid Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Why am I not in San Francisco right now?


5 thoughts on “Great, Just Great.

  1. At least you have some change in the weather now and then. Everyday sunshine becomes boring in the long run. At least that is what the people who have that, tell me. I wouldn’t know from personal experience ;-)

  2. Yes, variety’s good. It was a lovely day yesterday and no sign of bad weather even in the evening. Right now it’s looking pretty grim though.

    I forgot to mention I have a traffic court appearance scheduled (totally bogus, man, honestly!). I emailed the courthouse to see what the arrangements were in case of life-threatening weather ..

    The court will not be closed tomorrow. Depending on the severity of the
    weather the judge may or may not issue stays for those unable to make it in.
    You will need to call us in the morning to find out if there is a stay on
    your case.
    Thank you.

    Doesn’t help me that much — I’m due there at 8:30 and the court opens at 8:00. It’s probably an hours drive to the downtown area in this weather, and I have to take three kids to daycare before hand, so that’s another 30 minutes … well I think I’m going to bite the bullet and expect a stay. With 5-10″ of snow expected and the local Air Force bases closed to non-essential personell I doubt I’m going to get arrested for not attempting a suicidal crosstown drive Jeep 4 wheel-drive or not.

    Oh, it’s the kids’ halloween party at daycare. So if I don’t take them there’ll be trouble.

    Decisions decisions ….

    Now if only I could find my cat. And my camera.

  3. Watching my local San Diego news last night, SF was warmer than SD or LA.

    Now we are having what we call “Santa Ana conditions.” Raymond Chandler really nailed it.

    When I was in college, a few times my friends and I managed to go snow skiing and swimming/surfing in the ocean on the same day when a Santa Ana would blow during ski season. Just to say we did it. Ocean temp usually around 58F, air much warmer. No wet suits.

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