Restaurant Review: A Place to Avoid

Should you ever find yourself in Lincoln, Nebraska, don’t make things worse by eating here.


6 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: A Place to Avoid

  1. … and that reminds me that the cafeteria in the USAF building where my wife worked was just closed down for yet another health violation. She always had horror stories about it.

    Now you’ve got me thinking about Chinese food.

  2. I have a hatred of empty restaurants – once my father-in-law to us to a Ukrainian restaurant in a rural Lancashire; he had booked a table for four, they switched the lights on when we arrived. The only people we saw all evening were the four of us and the waiter. I think we may have been the only customers that week.

    I like duck, and I like beetroot, but ordering duck with beetroot may have been a mistake – a whole duck (swan sized) to myself was heavy going – I can only guess that big portions avoided waste

  3. >> … a whole duck (swan sized) to myself was heavy going

    About the same size as a swan eh? I expect they have swans in Lancashire … maybe not as many as they used to of course.

  4. My cousin was at some USAF base in North Dakota in the ’60s in winter. As one of about 4 people who kept kosher, one night there were about 4 people on base who didn’t get food poisoning…

    Swans. Never was much for swan fondling myself.

    Empty restaurants – creepy.

  5. If you are going to eat in Lincoln in the future, save yourself the effort (and the stomach pumping) and go to Misty’s. It’s pretty famous… insofar as a restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska can be.

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