Vacations for Young People

Tomorrow I go off to re-attempt my previously postponed break. In the time since I made my plans I have learned a couple of pertinent facts:

  1. Gunnison, my first camping spot, lies in a valley that collects cold air and is apparantly one of the coldest places in the continental United States.
  2. “Concordantly”, on Wednesday morning temperatures of 40°F/4°C are expected.

That’s some chilly camping and motorcycling weather, so now I have to take my electrically heated fleece, a liner for the sleeping bag, and put the brush guards back on the motorcycle (the true sign that winter has arrived in the Sponge household). However, I’m not looking for some glorified rest home for the over 40’s for my vacations yet — I’ve at least few months before I need to swap this in for this.

Since I’ll be down at the camping store, maybe I’d best pick up some bear spray as well — they’ll be getting peckish this time of year. Warning — fairly graphic imagery here. Not too bad but still, it makes you think.


4 thoughts on “Vacations for Young People

  1. Hi David:

    You’re not the only one. I’m about to spend two weeks in Mallorca. Sun, beach, beer (Mahou, If I can find a place where they serve it), siesta, fiesta and all these few words you foreign tourists know about Spain ;-)

    See you in two weeks time!



  2. Joel,

    Turns out that it’s not bears you have to worry about.


    The tourist words are the only ones you need for a quality vacation!


    That’s a 2005 Triumph Tiger, in British Racing Green — the fastest colour available to man.

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