Implied Restriction on Number of GROUP BY Columns in Materialized View

pranavgovind hit this problem, as described on the DBA forum, wherein Oracle ‘s attempt to index all the columns of an aggregating materialized view fails when more than 32 columns are included in the GROUP BY, and the error “ORA-01793: maximum number of index columns is 32” is raised.

I added my own thoughts there, but this is symptomatic of some more general failings in the area of materialized views in which the creation and refresh codes do not take as much advantage of chances to optimise as a human could.

For example, consider a materialized view built against a fact table joined to a date hierarchy, so as to define the MV query like this. In such a case only the date_of_month column needs to be indexed — the inclusion of any other columns represents a waste of resources. In fact in this case the index ought to be declared to be UNIQUE, whether or not the Sys_Op_Map_NonNull() function is used on the column in order to be compatible with Oracle’s recursive SQL for refreshing materialized views. However Oracle would wastefully index all four of the GROUP BY columns.


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