I just realised that I made a silly error in the Year-to-date transformation table demonstration scripts. It doesn’t affect the validity of the conclusions, thank goodness, but I’ll correct it shortly.

The error was that in the select statement I should have been grouping by the date_of_sale, not the month_of_sale, so the numbers are rather meaningless as they stand. Ironic really, as I’m often lecturing people on the topic of paying attention to the dimensionality and meaning of the result sets in such situations.



Getting Away From It All

Tomorrow I leave for my own personal mini-break — two days of riding around the mountains of southern Colorado with nothing to think about but the scenery, the roads, maybe the occasional thunderstorm etc..

Leaving around noon on Friday I’ll be off to Gunnison, arriving in time to pitch tent and go off exploring the awkwardly named Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.We had a brief look around on the way back from the Grand Canyon a year or two ago, and it struck me as worthy of a few more hours of my time. Or I might just settle down with a good book instead.
I’ve also had a hankering for travelling the San Juan Skyway before I leave Colorado so that’ll be a solid day’s ride on Saturday, ending in Ouray, one of the most picturesque towns of the “”Little Switzerland” region.

Sunday brings a long ride home again across most of the breadth of the Rockies, hopefully in time for a shower before going out to dinner at a friend’s house. Yes, there will be a baby-sitter, so that should round off a pretty good weekend.

I shall bore you with blatant fabrications about my heroics — saving school bus from mountain lions etc — when I return.