More Personal Nonsense

Well, this was plan number one …

  1. Wife goes to Sicily for four months to act as translator/local liason for a small unit there, reaquaints with her cultural heritage etc..
  2. I look after kids and we meet there for Christmas.
  3. Erm …
  4. That’s it.

Plan is now changed …

  1. Wife goes to Sicily for six weeks.
  2. I have no idea what we’ll do for Christmas — maybe go to Mexico, or maybe we’ll be in the middle of a move to Virginia. Something crazy, no doubt.

So on balance that’s a good thing — no Sicilian Christmas, but we save about $7,000 in airfare and a lot of child-related parent separation anxiety.

The irritating part is that this new timescale has been known for months, but never communicated to us until yesterday when my wife spoke to the unit commander. Had we been informed in time then I would have made plans to attend the UKOUG conference in November, and even submit an abstract of a paper to them. Well maybe I’ll go anyway — I like a nice curry, and haven’t been back for over a year. But the general complaint here is that the USAF seems to assume that spouses are staying at home looking after kids, maybe doing a little Pilates or scrapbooking or something. Heaven forbid that they should attempt to have a life or career that would benefit from advanced notice of where they’re going to be living or who is going to be posted where.

On another topic, I’ve been busy with some writing, but it fell by the wayside for a while because of my loathing of all forms of word processor software. I remembered from my IBM days that the old-schoolers there would use a document processing system that i believe was called “Bookmaster”. I’ve found something similar in a product called Lyx — So far it has been a good experience, and lets me focus on content without worrying about presentation and paragraph numbering and whatnot — ie. all the issues that would distract me from what I should have been doing.

Lastly, there’s something funny going on, either with my computer or with WordPress. Every minute or so the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the article, or the clipboard gets pasted in, or some other flavour of weirdness is observed. Hmmm … too many toast crumbs in the keyboard. perhaps. The DEL key has stopped working as well.


8 thoughts on “More Personal Nonsense

  1. “Every minute or so the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the article, or the clipboard gets pasted in, or some other flavour of weirdness is observed.” – it’s WordPress’ fault. Same thing happened to me today.

  2. Well if you do turn up in Brum I won’t go for a curry with you.

    I might talk to you for a bit, though, with or without beers in hand.

    However, this is all looks like a sinister meeting of the DW consultant coven to me (although when I check, it appears a coven consists of 13 witches, so you might need to allow some OWB developers to join in)

  3. I don’t think there are more than 5 OWB developers worldwide, so we’d need a significant percentage to help us along. 96% of data warehouse developers apparantly live in the UK though, and I alone account for 2% of the rest.

    The modern Scots word for a covan is “pub crawl”, I believe.

  4. >I don’t think there are more than 5 OWB developers worldwide

    I know of at least 9 in the Netherlands. That is if you are talking about developers using OWB, not developers developing OWB. It so happens I desperately needed a distraction from that kind of development. ;-)

    (still have to (re-)invent how to use tags)

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