Best Places to Work in IT

Does anyone work at any of the top companies? Is it all massages and long vacations?

I’m wondering how the employment environment here in my basement compares …
Total employees: 5 (seven if you count the fish and the cat)
Total IT employees: 1
IT employee turnover in 2005: 0.0%
IT employee promotions in 2005: 0.0%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2005: um … can’t remember but I did alright this year
Training budget per IT employee in 2005: same as above
Percentage of IT managers who are women: 0% (unless you count everyone else in the house, who all think they’re managers)
Percentage of IT managers who are minorities: 100% (do immigrants count?)
Percentage of IT staff who are women: 0%
Percentage of IT staff who are minorities: 100%


4 thoughts on “Best Places to Work in IT

  1. (cleaning spew off of monitor) US Postal service?

    I have not been hired by several companies listed, but then helped their DBA’s…

    I take a very dim view of these types of lists. The very worst place I ever worked for showed up on a list of “Best places to work in San Diego” not long after I left. I mean, stuff like, the poor help desk people were all lined up in a row with their manager staring down the line, having to raise their hands to go to the bathroom. That was just the par for course, some of the management was just plain awful. One unix SA fellow bubbled his way up to being in charge of about 3 dozen people… and then took them all to another company. The manager I personally had the most problem with eventually got kicked off the Naval base for carrying a concealed gun on base (I only heard that second-hand, there may have been more than one similar event). Yes, this was a company that contracts to the military. I still see them advertising job fairs…

  2. Ha, very revealing!

    I’ve never been close to a company that deserved to be on such a list — all of mine would be on a list of an entirely different type.

    Maybe that’s why I ended up working in my own basement. Hmmm.

  3. There didn’t seem to be many colleges on the list. I recently started working at Carnegie Mellon, and its the best IT job I have had.

  4. Oh, I had a collegue who used to work at a local university, I think it was. I seem to remember that he was always wistful about his time there, despite having to justify decisions to academics including the head of Computer Science, which was apparantly no laughing matter. It’s one of those environments that must be quite fulfilling.

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