Best Places to Work in IT

Does anyone work at any of the top companies? Is it all massages and long vacations?

I’m wondering how the employment environment here in my basement compares …
Total employees: 5 (seven if you count the fish and the cat)
Total IT employees: 1
IT employee turnover in 2005: 0.0%
IT employee promotions in 2005: 0.0%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2005: um … can’t remember but I did alright this year
Training budget per IT employee in 2005: same as above
Percentage of IT managers who are women: 0% (unless you count everyone else in the house, who all think they’re managers)
Percentage of IT managers who are minorities: 100% (do immigrants count?)
Percentage of IT staff who are women: 0%
Percentage of IT staff who are minorities: 100%


Port Conflict Between Informatica 7 and Business Objects XI

When my Informatica v7.1.3 Repository Service refused to start this morning, I instantly thought of my recent install of Business Objects XI, with it’s myriad of services and required firewall rules. As the Windows Event Viewer revealed, the service had refused to start because of an “(356|1840) Error in opening Server Port [5001] to listen for client connections“.

AVG 7.1 to the rescue — a scan through the firewall log showed:

Date and time:      2006-08-07 11:51:22
Action:             Ask
Application:        D:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat\bin\tomcat5.exe
Protocol:           TCP
Direction:          In
Local address:      localhost:5001
Remote address:

There we go, Tomcat is using 5001.

Having not the foggiest notion of how to change Tomcat to a different port, nor what else might be required to prevent a meltdown of the entire Business Objects installation, I used the more familiar Informatica Repository Server Setup to change that component to port 5002, and he service then started right up.

Follow that with a reconfiguration of the Informatica Server service to look for the Repository service on the new port, and a similar process for the client tools through the PoweCenter Repository Manager, and I’m up and running again.

And you thought I was just some sort of Oracle geek … sheesh!