Business Objects XI Install

I just finished an install process so lengthy that I have forgotten why I started it in the first place — to whit, Business Objects XI Release 2 with Performance Management. I’d guess that properly undertaken the install would be a job of around three-to-four hours, but since I went camping for the weekend half way through, it actually took me around seventy.

I have to say that in terms of complexity this is one behemoth of an application. By my count it has installed twenty-one windows services and required the creation of around thirty-three new firewall rules. It left four warnings and fifty-nine errors in the Windows Application Event Log, most of which I’m afraid to even view. Those figures may be inaccurate as I lost the will to live several times during the counting, and doubtless when I actually start to use the applications there will be another host of firewall rules to create.

I encountered some interesting errors — “Product: BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2 — Error 1904. Module D:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\win32_x86\importent6.dll failed to register. HRESULT -1073741819. Contact your support personnel.“. Huh.

I recall that “back in the day” I changed employer on the basis of my promised ability to install Business Objects and get the first usable reports out of an OLTP system before lunchtime on my first day — a task that an Oracle consultant stated to be beyond the wit of man even with a generous allowance of one month. That turned out to be a bold claim that delayed my lunch until 12:30, but mostly through having to sign HR forms until around 10am. That was also with Business Objects v3, as I recall — in any rate it was a product that installed a darned sight more quickly and simply than this latest montrosity, and without more than a single Windows service.

It seems that nothing gets more simple in the world of technology, and that pretty soon Business Objects may have to follow Oracle’s lead and create an “Express Edition” that can be installed with less than a hundred or so mouse clicks. Or maybe Oracle will just buy them up and make ’em do it.

At any rate, I’m beginning to think that I ought to make it a practice to read the documentation on new products before tackling them, so that I can judge how much of my personal information I am going to forget in the process of remembering the new stuff . In fact prior to that it seems that one could just weigh the documentation and base one’s decision on that.


11 thoughts on “Business Objects XI Install

  1. I’m beginning to think that I ought to make it a practice to read the documentation on new products before tackling them…

    But there will be the day in which the “point of no return” will appear: when it will take more time to read the whole documentation than the company to publish a new release/product.

    This (as in Terminator) will happen at some point in the first years of the XXI century…



  2. Whenever I visit Microstrategy they ask me if I know anyone who has, upgraded to BO XI from 6.x – guess I can yes now ;-)

  3. Heh, we’re just evaluating at the moment Pete. I don’t know what the timescale for an upgrade on production would be. Over at BOB the XI forum seems quite busy —

    At the time we changed from Microstrategy to Business Objects we would amuse ourselves by teasing the Microstrategy consultants about their stock options. Their stock had peaked at $3,300 a share, and dropped to a low of $4.20 — yup, over three thousand dollars to less than five dollars. They were really not happy at the company abandoning its previous practice of hiring a cruise ship to give their employees and their families a free vacation, either.

    Ah, happy days.

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  5. “Express Edition”

    If OLTP reporting is what you are after, install Crystal Reports server.

    Most of the time taken during installation is used pre-complining JSP’s for the Java-application server. This is a requirement if installing with PM.

  6. If you spent much time actually reading through the installation forum at BO you would realize that there are lots of questions…and rarely any answers. It’s like asking your question of a brick wall.

  7. That’s one of my reasons for preferring to work with Oracle, rather than with other products. The quality of support through independent forums and other sources far exceeds what you can get from a vendor.

  8. i have one doubt in business objects.i n data base wise data is ok.but in bo data is not this mistake is condition wise or where it is proble.i checked condition but that is good if any posible ways could u tell me

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