Everyone Loves Debunking

So I’m happy to tell you that the Penn and Teller TV series “Bullsh*t” (that’s not how they spell it) is available on Google Video.

I’m less happy to tell you that the Feng Shui “consultant”s in this episode seem to charge between $1,500 and $7,000 a day, just to rearrange furniture and talk nonsense. Apparantly, we’re in the wrong business, friends. Other favourites of mine are “Ghostbusters” (sudden onset of full-frontal nudity m,ay make you jump out of your chair though) and “War on Drugs“.

By the way, the language is neither work nor child friendly, but since it is being directed at some of the most blatant frauds and idiots in today’s society it seems appropriate. Huh, maybe I should put that warning before the links. “Note to self” for next time.