So Long

It’s vacation time again — off to Spain to visit the parents and score some free baby sitting for a couple of weeks.
I always take over a compendium of digital photos, taken since the last vacation, and this time I’ve winnowed it down to a shade over 2Gb — and that’s not including those taken when No. 1 son “found” my camera and went on photographic rampages round the house before we were awake. I must have over two hundred photos of our cat cowering in some corner, or running off down a hallway.

Really though I’m my own worst enemy in that regard. I just bought another 1Gb memory stick, so I’ll be coming back with another 2Gb.
My parameter diagram is coming along nicely. I’m grouping the parameters according to the functional catagories listed in the documentation, although there are a few glaring errors and omissions, and colour-coding by their modifiability (session, system, system deferred etc). Keeping control over all the little dependency lines is a kind of fun, I don’t mind saying.

Here’s a thumbnail of it so far, and until I return in a couple of weeks to polish it off I’ll say “Hasta banana” to you all, and “work smarter not harder”.


4 thoughts on “So Long

  1. I say go crazy with taking pictures!! You’re probably the only family member doing it as regularly so when you send it to them through e-mail, they will be thankful for the memory.

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