World Cup Loyalties

So,the wife has quite the dilemma — dual Italian-US citizenship, married to an Englishman, brought up in Italy, but also an Hossifer in the US Air Force. Tricky stuff, especially tomorrow when her citizenships collide at K-town, home of Ramstein Air Force Base (the largest NATO airbase in Europe). Local support for the US team ought to be pretty energetic, to say the least.Fortunately her work colleagues have made it easier for her by talking up the chances of the American team to such an extent that she can claim to be merely redressing the balance. Italy had better extractum digitum and do a good job of it anyway. National honour is at stake.


2 thoughts on “World Cup Loyalties

  1. Much hilarity here, when the second US player got sent off. The commentators on ESPN were outraged, and as soon as the match was over they “swiftboated” the ref by digging up some insinuations of discreditable behaviour from the past.

    Still, plenty of energy in evidence, so it was good fun all round really.

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