Bad Form

I just finished filling in the thirteen-pages of forms required to transfer Number Three Son to a new day care. Here are some statistics on the number of times the forms required particular information

  • His name: Seven
  • His date of birth: Four
  • His current age: Two
  • His doctor's name: Three
  • My address: Seven
  • My phone number: Ten
  • My signature: Eighteen

Things I have now lost as a result:

  • Use of my writing hand
  • Memory of my social security number
  • Last trace of sympathy for de-normalisation for performance

And my will to live is fading fast … there must be a beer around here somewhere …


4 thoughts on “Bad Form

  1. I should add that this is the third child I’ve registered at that same daycare, and the only things that are different on the three sets of forms are Name, Date of Birth, and Favorite Toy. So, that’s fifty-four signatures in fact.

    Don’t get me started on the fees … they make me need sympathy in the form of a glass of Scottish beverage.

    That’s twice I’ve typed the word “beverage” today. Now that’s three times.

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