Development and Tuning

I had a pithy thought earlier today.

1. Development is the business of making the database do work
2. Tuning is the business of reducing the amount of work the database does.

Therefore, tuning is the opposite of development. It is "anti-development"!


4 thoughts on “Development and Tuning

  1. You’re confusing tuning with trouble-shooting.

    Development is about making the application do the right job with the right resources – so inherently includes tuning.

    Trouble-shooting is about trying to modify the application to reduce the resource consumption to the correct level after go-live. That makes it retro-development – not anti-development.

    The “anti-development” was the failure to do tuning in the first place.

    Jonathan Lewis

  2. Sorry,

    It wasn’t being in Nebraska that sapped the brain – it was the journey getting there.

    It was a very pithy point – and worth developing into a serious
    soundbite – so I didn’t realise you were taking the pith.

    Jonathan Lewis

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