A List Of Weekend Successes

A list of things we did this weekend

  1. Recommissioned sprinkler system, watered plant, soaked lawn, decommissioned sprinkler system
  2. Cut kids’ hair — no fatal wounds inflicted.
  3. Cleared basement
  4. Got rid of four old tires
  5. Made chicken and rice soup
  6. Mended kite — flew kite — broke kite again
  7. Boxed 10 cu.ft. of kids clothes, to go to Afghanistan via USAF apparantly.
  8. Got Poweredge 6400 running on Centos 4, moved it to the basement & started Oracle 10.1 install.

OK, about item 8.

The tricky part of the business was the boot. I had grub stage2read errors coming out the wazoo, and eventually gave up on trying “conventional” fixes. Booting with a floppy drive turned out to be the answer, as long as it referenced an initrd. Quite the learning experience.

Note to self: make backup of floppy disk! Maybe two backups.


6 thoughts on “A List Of Weekend Successes

  1. Yes indeed, but I didn’t have much chance to look at it until the weekend.

    Oracle’s on there now, so that’s a whole new set of problems to deal with.

    * sigh *

  2. For the next weekend…

    Madrid Half Marathon. Go tell your wife! (I’ll be running it!) Se will be welcome.



  3. Well good luck with that, Carlos. Hope the weather is good for it … maybe next year she’ll run it.

    Actually we’ll be in Salobreña this July on vacation, but there’ll be no marathon’s involved. A paella-eating competition is as far as we generally like to go.

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