Oracle Wiki at Dizwell

Howard’s Wiki at Dizwell is up and running, and seems to be off to a very good start considering that this is a pretty new thing for many of us. I hope that everyone will be contributing — these things only survive if we give it the oxygen of our participation, and I know that everyone has something to share.

The text formatting takes a little getting used to but at the bottom of the edit pages there are brief tips that will get you through the experience pretty painlessly.

Are you still here? Go, go ….


5 thoughts on “Oracle Wiki at Dizwell

  1. Agreed and mistake is mine(Just i was little careless in not adding your source,possibly few lines about why i thought it was too good and finally could have atleast spelt your name right)
    I make a point not to put any articles from here or any other source in future and only those i write or have written in the past.
    Anyway Thanks for pointing out my mistake(though a little harsh i feel)


  2. > though a little harsh i feel

    That’s the man’s style. Always rude and not pleasant to work with.

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