Brrrr …

A little chilly this morning … -2F/-19C

Oh, and guess who forgot to put the car in the garage last night?

Update: Guess who wisely decided to not put the car in the garage for fear of the garage door freezing immovably to the ground? That’s right, me. I’m a genius.

Peterson AFB was on a two hour delay this morning, and the school district upgraded their two hour delay to a complete closure so I may be getting the company of a stir-crazy six year old boy. That’ll be … uh … great.

On a positive note though, when it’s this cold you don’t find your vehicle encased in a solid sheet of ice in the morning. The snow just brushes straight off, sometimes into the top of an artfully placed boot.

It looks like it’ll be hanging around a while as it’s not due to get above freezing for a couple of days. We usually rely on sun + altitude + gravel to get the roads cleared, and it’s pretty successful if you ignore the broken windshields and scratched paint. After our recent few days of cold our local roads are a sheet of inch-thick ice though, so that old advice that most accidents happen within five minutes of home is very true — often five minutes can be only a hundred yards or so.


5 thoughts on “Brrrr …

  1. Doesnt look like the view outside my door in sunny, warm ( 70 today ) Phoenix Arizona. And my management wonders why I wouldnt move to Virginia. Here is the answer in black and white. Have fun making Snow Angels.

  2. Of course the majority of accidents happen within 5 minutes of home. Most *DRIVING* takes place with 5 minutes of home. Also, have to note that usually there are many other people within 5 minutes of driving for you to get into an accident with. Compare that to many stretches of interstate that, for tens or hundreds of miles, there is nothing but more road.

    cbo tix, r u?

  3. Hah, but you Phoenecians (?) weren’t so happy when it was too hot for aircraft to take off this summer, eh?

    Swings and roundabouts, my friends, swings and roundabouts.

    Still, I don’t know when I’m next going to get out on the motorbike. Maybe a seasonal commute is the best thing.

  4. I went to school in Edinboro Penssylvania. In Edinboro something like your picture might be referred to as Tuesday. : ) Where are your chains man!!! And I don’t mean in a Mr. Hanky sense.

    btw, lovely beige suburban neighborhood you have there! ; )

  5. Chains shmains … erm actually they’re in the trunk. I rely on a good chunky set of BF Goodrich All-terrains and jeep 4WD.

    And yes, it’s a sea of orderly, well-maintained beige houses. Very soothing to the eye … zzzzzzzzzzzz

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