Antivirus and Firewall Software Change

Norton is out, and AVS is in.

Norton has been killing my internet connection for a little while apparantly, but I only just found out that it was responsible when I noticed ccproxy.exe consuming 1.5Gb of memory and growing … it’s the kind of thing you tend to notice on a machine with 1.5Gb of physical memory plus Oracle EE 10gR1 running on it. I had to keep restarting the Symantec Netwrok Proxy service to restore the connection. “Bye-bye!”

So it turns out that not only does AVS have all the required credentials but it’s user interface is also not nearly as funky as Norton’s. It appears to do all the same stuff, plus it registers itself with Windows XP Security Center (which Norton never managed to do). The firewall part does everything I need as well.

Oh, and it’s a darned sight cheaper as well — the anti-virus part is free for home users, and AVG + Firewall Edition is a snip at $48.95 for a two year license.

Here you go:

(Their website is also much easier to use than Symantec’s as well)


4 thoughts on “Antivirus and Firewall Software Change

  1. The AVG free edition virus scanner is without doubt the best virus scanner I have used. Let me make the qualification however that I have not used the AVG pro or AVS suite (I hope that wasn’t a tautology).

    Anyway the features I love about AVG free are:

    *Free updates that can be setup to
    stream in on startup
    *Ease of use
    *And most importantly, for me
    anyway, I have consistantly found
    that the grisoft package picks up
    viruses that Norton’s or PCcillan
    do not.

    Honestly I can not wrap this product up highly enough.


  2. Another happy freebie AVG user here, and one who ditched Norton to get there.

    I must have a look at CCProxy sometime. I use Winproxy for its cacheing, but for pure Internet sharing I don’t think you can beat Proxomitron myself.–>

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