Oracle XE Registration

Has anyone successfully registered this yet? I’ve submitted my registration three times so far without getting an acknowledgement. E-Mail details are correct and everything.

Anyone got any clues on this?


11 thoughts on “Oracle XE Registration

  1. If you mean the registration for the online forum, I had no problem with that, except that it took a while before I received the confirmation e-mail.

  2. No problems for me.
    Try setting up a new yahoo/gmail/whatever account and see if that gives you better luck.

  3. Yep I’m in, but XE won’t start on my machine (database will but listener wont)…

    Might be something to do with the 7 other db install’s on the same box, but that’s no excuse for the XE guys :-)

  4. I didn’t get the email the first time, but it did register me and the link mysteriously appeared on the forum index when I logged in. When I tried it while asking on cdos and trying what Hans pointed out to me, I then got the email. I’m wondering if you have to logout and login OTN to see it. Some sort of state-refresh issue with SSO, perhaps?


  5. Thanks fellas.

    No email, but I can access the forum now at least. Unfortunately I don’t have any problems with the product, so I don’t have anything to complain about on the forum. *sigh*

    Conner, can XE not “share” one of your existing listeners?

  6. My XE and 10gR2 EE can work off either listener…but obviously I only one of the products’ listeners running at a time.

    Got my forum email after about 48 hours.

  7. No Email, and I can’t get to the Forum either. Keeps on wanting my single sign on username and password.

    When I tell it I’ve lost my password, it sends me a new one OK. But it never works… maybe if I knew what my single sign on username was instead?! (A minor detail not included in the new password email).–>

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