What I’m Thinking About At The Moment

… is how to improve the performance of multiple materialized view fast refreshes based on a single master table.


One of the values of this blogging thing is that you start with a problem, and then develop a plan to tackle it a certain way, and then you snap your fingers and think, “Best blog this right away!”. Then as you write your thoughts down you realise, “What if someone suggests …. or what if they ask … best write something about that option as well then!”

Hence a brief note about your plan of action could turn into a near-total examination of the subject, some of which is not relevant to your situation anyway. In some cases you never see an end in sight — in order to do justice to the topic (even one as narrowly focused as my current concern) in any rigorous sense you can see a twenty thousand word task ahead of you complete with scripts to justify every assumption and display every facet of the argument. This turns out to be so overwhelming that the blog collapses half-built under the pressure of actually having to do something in a hurry.

It’s a hard life, eh? Well, I’m picking the bones out of my materialized view refresh issue before is gets turned into a problem, so hopefully I’ll get to do justice to the topic.


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