Physics Review

Not an Oracle topic, but here is a news story of interest to the scientifically inclined reader. Science is truly on the defense.


11 thoughts on “Physics Review

  1. Thanks Amar … there seems to beasubtle difference between firefox on windows and firefox on Linux, to do with highlighting of text in a text box … it’s giving me double http syndrome.

    ORA-600 errors are caused by Larry Ellison, and that’s all us mortals need to know.

  2. Ok, even when I alter the address I bounce across to

    Dave, have you become an agent for he Borg?



  3. Don’t know mate … post shows up correctly when editing the HTML but when I preview it Blogger puts in front of it,andwhen it gets published it turns into “http://oraclesponge.blogspot.comhttp://www” etc.

    Stupid computers. Or are higher powers intervening … ?

  4. I like the Sky vodka add on the page, was there something else there? (duck)

    It is sad that some people want to confuse facts and theories about facts with belief. (the Onion does do a good parody though)

  5. Yes, I had to highlight the link that adewri had, right mouse click, and copy, open a new browser tab or window and then past in the URL. Then it worked.

  6. Ah yes, Kansas: where the best dreams are made and travellers of yellow brick roads go to rest…

    I can hear the Database Inquisition already: “we specialize in cleansing your systems of heretics and devils who worship the demons of science. Trust faith and pay us for that upgrade!”

  7. Dave:
    The original link in your post is missing a colon (:) after http.
    And that seems to be an issue with the webpage bouncing to Microsoft.
    If I type http// in Firefox on Windows it takes me to Microsoft by default. Curiously in IE it takes me to Google.

    Any ideas why?


  8. Science is truly on the defense

    This struck me as rather strange statement. “Science” cannot be on the defense, a certain scientific theory might be on the defense, not science. If you want to understand what I mean read this (in my opinion absolutely brilliant) speech:

    quote from the speech:
    “Science defends itself against the Skeptical Environmentalist.” Really. Science has to defend itself? Is this what we have come to?

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