Handy Hardware, Or Not …

Here‘s an AnandTech review that caught my eye — 4Gb of memory with a battery backup. Could this be an economical way of getting performance for non-sequential storage access?

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the way that the performance was reported, particularly for the random access test, because no indication was given on whether the device was the bottleneck on the test or not — hey, maybe the CPU’s were maxed out? It’s a mystery. There’s an indication here that random reads and writes would really benefit.

So what do you think? I’m no shill for solid-state drives, but for a small-but-busy server, would you put your redo logs on this? Temp space? How about the system tablespace? ;)


7 thoughts on “Handy Hardware, Or Not …

  1. Maybe temp. Battery back-up alone is not enough for redos, IMHO.
    I’ve seen redos on solid state disks, but they had a battery back-up AND a disk backup that kicked-in with the battery.

  2. Off topic but inspired by the anon post:

    Does anyone know if there are companies working to create blog-spam filters?

  3. Yes. The one I saw worked exactly that way: upon a power failure, the disk would be used to back up the solid state memory and then the whole thing would go into standby mode until power was re-established. Very nifty.

  4. I wonder if an economical solution to that problem would be for a 4Gb flash memory card to be included in the device? It wouldn’t take too much of a battery to copy from regular memory to a flash card, I’d think.

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