How’s Your Style?

I invite readers to drop in on the Economist Style Quiz, which is based upon the excellent Economist Style Guide for a lesson in how bad your English really is.

For the record, I achieved a score of eight out of twelve.


7 thoughts on “How’s Your Style?

  1. I got bored after the second question and random-clicked the rest. I got 6/12. Didn’t read anything about what that meant. :)

  2. Tim, unfortunately it means that you are in danger of failing my test for blog readership — I’m getting picky about who I allow in here.

    I’ll keep you informed. I may be able to cut you some slack as a genuine published author :)

  3. 6/12, not bad for a non-native language and not having read the style guide. IMO. Wish I could read about grammar better, maybe then I would understand at least part of such a style guide.

  4. Eric,

    Well you Dutch are notorious for your mastery of foreign tongues. Among other things, of course. I first started “studying” foreign languages in England at the age of 12, which hopefully helps to explain my monolinguism and tells you something about the priorities of the educational system there.

    It amuses me to hear my wife, born and raised in Italy without speaking English until she was around 14, burning her co-workers for their shoddy English. It’s what comes of reading all that Dickens and Thackerey and whatnot.–>

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