What a busy evening for posts.

Can anyone explain what this is all about, for someone who is interested but has had far too much rum to understand it? The Sponge seems to be doing pretty well — or pretty badly — but at least it’s doing something! A p/e of $27.83, by cracky. Now that’s worth investing in … or not. Or is it?

Anyway there’s some good blogs linked into there it seems. I’m going to go ahead and claim my blog to see what happens.


8 thoughts on “Blogshares

  1. I use StatCounter to monitor hits and pageloads etc on the blog, and it has a “came from” section that tells you who followed what link to a blog page. Interesting stuff!

  2. What is this anyway? I can’t quite figure it out.

    Look in the help, it values blogs by the number of links to them. Entirely fictional worth.

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