Eyeballs: Fried but not Battered

It’s a little over a week since my eyes went on their excellent adventure, and I can finally stop squirting them with steroids and antibiotics.

All seems to be well … Leftie is at least as good without correction as it used to be with correction, although Rightie is lagging behind a bit. Maybe a later followup will be needed there, but if it gets me more of that Valium and a nice lie down in the afternoon then I’m ready for it right now.

No great lifestyle changes yet, mind. The sun here is so bright that a pair of cool shades are required all the time anyway. My field of vision seems a lot better, particularly when out on the iron horsey where keen peripheral vision is what keeps me clear of these Colorado drivers.

So, thumbs-up so far.


14 thoughts on “Eyeballs: Fried but not Battered

  1. Good to hear it!

    P.S. just received:

    “Being British” is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a
    Belgian beer, then traveling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a
    Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch
    American shows on a Japanese TV. And the most British thing of all?

    Suspicion of anything foreign.”

  2. DaPi,

    Not a fan of the Belgian beer, but there’s nothing wrong with a curry then a kebab on the way home, is there?


    thanks — again, I think that curry may be the cure-all I need. Would it be out-of-place to ask you for an authetic recipe? hopefully not …


    Somewhere I have some photos taken by the surgeon-bot that did the operation. I haven’t looked at them yet, but if they are nauseating I’ll email you a couple. With permission to post on your blog, of course ;)

  3. Cool!

    I asked one of my mates about the “good eye, bad eye” thing and he said he had the same. The clinic asked him to wait a month, before doing anything. By that time it felt normal and he doesn’t need to bother with having it corrected by laser or glasses.

    Hopefully it will be the same for you.



  4. Yeah, had the good/bad thing as well. Lasted for about a month or so, after that it was fine.
    Looks like the “iron horse” is gonna get some serious exercise, eh?
    Man, you’re brave: riding a bike in Colorado? (shiver)

  5. Good to you.

    I’ve been wearing glasses for 20 years and I haven’t the guts to go into the surgery (I am even afraid of contact lenses).



  6. I could never try contact lenses either — hated the idea of them.

    As regards the operation you just have to put your faith in drugs. I was surprised by how nervous I was on the morning of the procedure, and also by how little I cared once I had the valium. Wouldn’t hurt to go along for a checkup anyway!

  7. Glad to hear you are doing well. Better living through chemistry (:-D). I’ve been wearing contacts for about 20 years now, much better than glasses but annoying (have to put them in, take them out at least once a day). But they don’t fog up in winter, and I can wear real sunglasses. Continued good wishes…..

  8. Love riding the iron horse to work. Good luck on the eyes. I too am too chicken to get surgery for that. My eyes sight is okay and I don’t mind wearing glasses.

  9. You my friend, are a brave soul. I would want anyone taking a cutting instrument to the eyes.

    Just surprised that you are still blogging and riding your hog so soon after but I guess if you are valium, nothing really matters, right?

    All the best with the recovery and follow-up.

  10. Speaking of the Iron Horsey, are you considering Thunder In The Rockies? I’ll be with my group of laid back guys on our Vmax’s, not getting drunk and doing stupid stuff on our Harley’s. If you want I can send you a plan of what our group is doing and the rides we will be doing. (We plan to avoid highway 34 and 36 as much as possible) One ride should take us near Estes Park for the fun of it. If you want we have plenty of places to either camp or cheap (not gross) hotels. For the hotels, get a room NOW. We ar also planning on stopping by the Bud brewery to see if we can get pics with the Clydesdales.

    Let me know if you want to go with us, a relatively harmless group (the Vmax Owner’s Association – VMOA). I’d be glad to send you more and also get the chance to meet you!

  11. Hmm, Loveland, eh? That’s just a couple of hours away from home. I’ve been to Estes Park a few times with the family, and of course you get to ride the highest continually paved road in the US in the Rocky Mountain National Park next door.

    I’m due to be in Ohio around that time, but when my plans firm up I’ll let you know … perhaps I can trundle up there for a day’s riding now that I’ve invested in one of these …


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