Eyeballs: “Frying tonight!”

So, tomorrow I go under the blade to get the old eyes sorted out. After too many years of wearing glasses I’ve had enough of them, and I suppose I might as well do it while I’m in a place with some scenery to appreciate, and to give me a few years before the reading glasses make their inevitable appearance.

My wife had PRK at the Air Force Academy a couple of months ago, and ended up being off work for nearly two weeks so I’m not going down that route — it’s bladeless “wavefront” Lasik for me. I had a pre-op exam today, immediately followed by a drive across town to take Number Two son for his first swimming lesson. I was feeling felt bad about my searing eyeball pain and nauseous disorientation until I saw what the swimming instructor of seven three-to-four year olds has to go through.


21 thoughts on “Eyeballs: “Frying tonight!”

  1. Good luck dude.

    I remember hearig about this one guy who….

    Just kidding. I’ve got two mates who have had it done and they recommend it 100%.



  2. Good luck with the laser stuff, David. I did it a few years ago and never looked back. But don’t let anyone tell you they don’t use a blade with Laser: they do. That’s how they cut the little flap that later on covers the area where the laser goes “bzzt”. My heart rate during the op reached 180 and they had to stop between eyes for a little bit to let me breath in: I do object strongly to metal objects near my eyes…

  3. My wife knew a healthy lady who DIED last year from a “routine” lasik procedure.

    Do a google on “wrongful death lasik” and click the first link.

    It’s a whole industry, so there must be lots of dead lasik patients. . . .

    Also, check out:


    Good Luck, really. . .

    If you go blind, I can get you a free Guide Horse, so don’t worry. . .

    Seriously, let us know how it goes . . .

  4. Don,

    La la la! *fingers-in-ears* *eyes-tight-shut*

    But a free guide horse you say? Hmmmm…. Now that may be worth it …

    I wonder, if I pay with my VISA card, do I get covered by their money-back guarantees? I’ll have to go read the fine print, while I’m still capable!

  5. I’ll be thinking of you, slim, hoping all goes well.

    I really should tell you the awful details of my eye-op: it was like this . . . . .

    The good bit was that they pumped me full of Valium – I was giggling as the wheeled me into the theatre.

    Je me serre les pouces.

  6. Don said: It’s a whole industry, so there must be lots of dead lasik patients. . . .

    Just like there are a lot of dead developers in Noo Joisey.

  7. I can’t believe that no-one’s mentioned the eyeball exchange scenes from Minority Report … come on now guys, that’s what I’ve been thinking of.

  8. eye-ball exchange? nah!

    The worst bit is the anaesthetic – it’s amazing how long the needle is!

    oops! . . . perhaps I shouldn’t have said that.

  9. Good luck Dave :-)

    I’ve considered this but the whole putting anything near my eyes senario gives me the ebee-geebees

  10. I had mine done about 3 years ago. It’s been the best thing I could have EVER done. I went in knowing ALL the risks. I also found out that the best thing to do is if you don’t feel calm (yeah, right) beofre you go into the room, ask for another valium. You ain’t driving home are you? Go ahead and get the extra one.

    As for wrongful death, you have wrongful death just waking up in the morning. What death is right? If it means that you have a chance to make your life that much better is it worth it?

    I did (by chance) pick a doctor who has invented several lasers with Bausch & Lomb: Jon Dischler. He has an office here in Ft. Collins as well as in Denver. (He even recommended the extra valium for my wife..) He’d done over 40,000 surgeries by the time I went in.

    Just one thing, so you don’t end up legally bind, don’t move. Just kidding, make sure you DON’T RUB YOUR EYES! Religiously use the drops, even if your eyes don’t feel dry. When you eyes get tired, drops. When they feel itchy, drops. Before you go to bed, thick gel drops. Before you shower, drops. Before, during and after yard work, drops. (I think you get the point now.)


  11. Hi Dave,

    Try not to worry too much, at least 99% of Lasik patients don’t die anyway. Just so you know I was talking to a blind friend of mine, apparently guide horses don’t have bowel control. If you go blind you may want to stick with a guide German Shepard. Which will help if MH is around. I had my eye operation in 1978. My brother puntured my retina with a belt buckle and I had to have my retina frozen shut. I only vomited about 6 times the day of the surgery! ;)

    Happy cutting!

    Brian (Gandolf989)

  12. Thanks for the thoughts guys. At Operation+7 hours things are going pretty well. Not only can I actually see stuff, albeit with some blurring, but I got an evening of lying in a quiet dark room instead of looking after the kids — worth $4k on its own, I’d say.

  13. Looks like Don will have to keep the horse… (Don, if my daughter EVER sees one of those mini horses, I’ll definitely lasik you to death: they’re just tooooo cute, man!)

    Take it easy in the first coupla days. And the advice about eye drops and no rubbing is spot on. I still have to use eye drops nowadays, years after: one of the side effects is dry eyes. But being able to read stuff on the TV across the lounge on the first night, although a bit blurry, was MAGIC. You’ll find yourself thinking it was all worth it, over and over again!

    I love it for diving and golf: it helps no end. And it’s made me enjoy night driving again.

  14. What the @%$* are you doing posting things post-op – it’s a dark room and rest for you!
    And don’t read this (yet) either

  15. First it’s the eyes, then it’s the liposuction, next thing you know you look like Michael Jackson.

    It’s the start of a slippery slope if you ask me :)

  16. “Don, if my daughter EVER sees one of those mini horses, I’ll definitely lasik you to death: they’re just tooooo cute, man!”

    Hi Nuno,

    If you are ever in North Carolina, stop by and I’ll give her a tour. . .

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