Junk Mail At Last

My “professional” email address (ie. the one that isn’t plastered across the entire internet) has been amazingly junk free (and by this I mean 100% junk free) for two years now, but finally my run of luck is over. Three emails offering me “discount” Microsoft products within two days.

I carry no torch for the Microsofts of this world, but I console myself by forwarding every one of these emails to piracy@microsoft.com, often within seconds of their arrival. It’s the little things that please.


6 thoughts on “Junk Mail At Last

  1. Oh, I got some more discount software stuff over the weekend, and yes my first hard-on tablet email also.

    Nothing from Nigeria, but apparantly “Barrister Phillip Andrews, the personal attorney to the late Mr and Mrs Lenor.R. Burson Citizens of
    the United states” has an email address out of the az domain. Apart from the question of why a barrister would be a “personal attorney” to a couple of Americans, this is raising warning flags to me and I don’t think I’ll be assisting in “repartrating” any money or property.

    Thanks guys!

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