* Clang * — yer out!

Jeff has been expelled from Don Burleson’s forum.

He was doing great until he questioned the wisdom of hosting a production database on a $750 computer from CompUSA — bad Jeff, bad Jeff. What took you so long, dude?

Here’s a question that this provokes though — if your production server is a single processor PC-architecture $750 box from CompUSA, can a single-user test on a desktop PC then be called a performance “proof”? Opinions, as always, welcome.

To be fair to Don though, he’s having an unhappy day. Bad Howard! And all who associate with him. Bad, bad, bad.

Meanwhile … we’re debating weighty issues of “RAC – Good Or Bad For Oracle Data Warehousing” at The Dizwell Forum. Why not pop over and chip in your two-cents?


3 thoughts on “* Clang * — yer out!

  1. Wow! To quote DKB, “I’ve recently noted that almost of the evil people noted by Freeman were born outside the USA”…man, isn’t 90% of the world population outside of the US? Don can’t even quote HJR correctly too.

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure if DKB’s pointing out a problem with Robert or with people born outside the USA, but I reckon that in the right hands xenophobia could be a powerful marketing tool.

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