Added new articles

Rbaraer suggested adding a link to the “Writing Good SQL” posting in the sidebar, so I’ll be adding that and a couple more. Thanks, R.

If anyone wants to get links in there to anby other articles then I’ll be happy to oblige.


2 thoughts on “Added new articles

  1. Hello David! I enjoy your blog, though half of it goes over my head sometimes. I’m so sorry about your son’s spiral fracture. I hope he’s alright.

    May I make a suggestion for this sidebar? I’m a new PL/SQL programmer without much background in programming as a discipline and I’m looking for some advice about writing triggers today. If you had one, I’d definitely read it!

    Thank you for your wonderful site. I’ve already used some materialized views for performance improvement and seen some good results (most of the time!), as with anything there are pros and cons, but overall it was a great thing to learn from your blog!

  2. Thanks for the feedback MG. the boy heals fast, and was back at KG in just a few days.

    As far as triggers go, I’d try not to use them except for such requirements as logging DML’s for auditing and whatnot — in other words, for things that do not implement business rules of the “Price = Qty x unit cost” variety or that update othercolumns/tables based on data changes. The reason for this is really that it obscures the action for people who have to maintain code.

    Now having said that, I don’t do a lot of PL/SQL myself except in support of ETL operations. Refreshing MV’s, rebuilding indexes and such like. If you hop over to Tom Kyte’s site I bet you’d find a lot of examples of PL/SQL code, and look out for Steven Feuerstein articles (and especially his books, which I thoroughly recommend).

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