New Favourite

For a long time I’ve been enjoying the regular doses of user and management madness that ComputerWorld’s “Shark Tank” sends me, so I thought I’d share. See the links.


4 thoughts on “New Favourite

  1. Not totally in line with your posting but — have you looked at your blog in firefox? The links (hard to see) on the right are on top of some big mammal with horns.

    In IE, the links seem to have gotten pushed way down to the bottom.

    Just thought I’d let you know that the shark tank is hidden in some trees in firefox :)

  2. Actually I was quite pleased with the FireFox rendering … it’s my default browser, and I thought the notion of the images merging in with the text had a naive charm.

    The IE “push the sidebar down to the bottom of the page” thing was horrible though, so I took out the images.

    Thanks TK.

  3. Thanks for the reminder about SharkTank, Dave! I had disabled those mailings back before my leave… and of course I forgot to re-enable them when I got back to work! Terrible what having kids can do to your mind! :)

  4. jodie, they’re a real joy, eh? I got a t-shirt a while ago from them for submitting one of my own horror stories. Pretty nice.

    Hey, does that constitute a conflict of interest? Plugging a site that gavce me a free t-shirt? Screw it, I’m keeping the damn thing.

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