“Open Source” Oracle Books

I’m thinking (well, actually planning) of getting a project started to electronically publish a series of manuals/books on Orlacle* subjects along an “open source” framework. So we’d start off with some small-ish basic books on specific subjects (partitioning, installation, SQL tuning etc) and allow further development on them in an open fashion, with full credit given for enhancements.

Any ideas on feasibility/licensing/anything else gratefully received, offers of interest for authoring even more so.

* Tom Kyte (who he?) questions the spelling of this word. I’m going to credit him in this footnote with being a nit-picker and a busy-body, and also with demonstrating the exact principle which I think would make this idea work :)


16 thoughts on ““Open Source” Oracle Books

  1. Careful with that “open source” idea pardner! You know that there are “magic men” out there that would LOVE to use your electronic book to further their cause in silver bullets! And that might hurt you in the long run.

  2. If you are that worried that publishing will harm your ability to bill clients then publish garbage, some people make a career out of it :-)

    Dapi – I would trust some people that can’t spell orikal more than some that can.

  3. David,
    I was more concerned about those folks that can talk the talk but can’t put up the evidence. Open source is cool, as long as you get the right folks contributing. As long as folks like Tom and Jonathan (and you and all the others) keep giving us bread (and DB and all the magic men out there keep giving us circuses), we will be well-fed and entertained. Can I have some soup now, please? ;-)

  4. I’ve considered starting a wikipedia entry of substance on Oracle SQL & PL/SQL coding, best practices, etc. As long as a solid structure for the content was established early on it could be an incredibly useful archive of knowledge.

  5. Scott,

    That’s an interesting idea … do you think it would scale though? I would imagine that once you got to some critical size then it would become difficult to control and format.

    Something with more limited access, where the original “official” version was access-controlled might also be more appropriate, even though submissions for changes could be allowed from anyone.


  6. Wiki has to be the one to use – otherwise there are so many websites on oracle out there that another one would get lost in the crowd. I’d put some time into authoring if it was wiki (or otherwise well known and set up), expect would be easy to get others to do the same on wiki.

  7. Hi David,

    I’ve started an Oracle Wiki recently – mainly to document “exotic” error scenarios, but I also thought about expanding this thing especially to the German-speaking community, because there are much less Oracle resources in German than in English, of course.


    I’m also convinced that Wiki is the best way to achive the goal you’ve stated. It could be created like the Wikipedia project with different local sites. As for a German part, I’d gladly participate and I could even offer hosting on my company’s server!

    BTW: After several evalutaions I preferred TWiki over MediaWiki because it offers different Webs (name spaces), syntax highlighting (by plug-in), fine-grained access control and skins: http://www.twiki.org/

    Keep us updated, I’d love to get this thing started!

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